What The Critics Say

The Babylon Series

Hotel Babylon

    “Makes shock revelation after shock revelation” – Daily Mail
    “Five stars for excess…amusing and appalling” – Sunday Telegraph
    “Reading Hotel Babylon is like mainlining Popbitch,” – Metro
    “An eye-opener, with plenty of tips for the frequent traveller.” – The Economist
    “Informative, disgusting and utterly fascinating,” – Closer
    “Explosive.” – The Sun

Air Babylon

    “A shocking but fantastic book,”- OK
    “Juicy stuff.” – Heat
    “Some readers may find a stomach-distress bag essential.” – Sunday Telegraph
    “A fascinating expose of life in the sky.” – Marie Claire

Fashion Babylon

    “Fashion Babylon has supplanted The Devil Wears Prada as the fashionista’s trashy read of choice.” – New York Times
    “The revelations spill out in a succession of asides from the narrator or bitchy exchanges that leave you rubbing your hands with glee,” – Daily Telegraph
    “Jaw dropping stuff…A real must-read for anyone interested in fashion or obsessed by celebrity. Brave and brutally honest, it will have fashion’s finest foaming at the mouth.” – Heat
    “Witty and naughty, it is a must read for every fashionista.” – Daily Express

Pop Babylon

    “A true guilty pleasure, leaving readers both appalled and longing for more,” – City AM
    “Should be required reading for all X-Factor wannabes,” – Evening Standard
    “Edwards-Jones is a good writer with a particular flair for pace.”- Observer
    “A brilliant read from start to finish.” – News of The World

Wedding Babylon

    “A must-have for any bride to be.” – News of the World


My Canapé Hell

    “The wittiest novel I have read all year,” – The Mirror
    “Relentlessly of-the-minute…. a modern day morality tale with a funny ending.” – Daily Mail
    “Absolutely hysterical I could not put it down,” – Candace Bushnell, author of Sex and the City
    “A bitingly funny satire…sharp, witty and vastly entertaining…a stylish debut.” – Heat
    “A wickedly incisive wit dissects the highs and lows of the cocaine and champers set.” – Cosmopolitan
    “A spirited satire on celebrity culture…A dark, insiders view of fashionable stars and happening bars, the book crackles with acute observation and hilarious one-liners.” Wendy Holden – Mail On Sunday


    “A master of biting contemporary satire….Shagpile is stuffed full of fantastically cringe-making set pieces and pin-sharp period observations. Edwards-Jones has an appallingly wicked sense of humour but she can also do heartbreak, and is more than capable of exploring the darker side of human relationships.” – The Mirror
    “Hysterical and heartfelt” – She
    “Shagpile is as entertaining as a Mike Leigh film tangled with The Likely Lads.” – Scotsman
    “If you’ve watched The Ice Storm and read The Rotters’ Club consider yourself well-primed…tank top tastic.” – Heat

The Wendy House

    “A funny and insightful tale on whether it’s possible for a girl to have it all.” – Cosmopolitan
    “Edwards-Jones satires her characters with wit that is commendably restrained and slick ….a credible social satire.” – Sydney Morning Herald
    “Jones is sport on with the social nuances of London and the relationship between sisters….A comic masterpiece” – Marie Claire
    “A funny, feisty, feel-good read” – Company

Tuscany for Beginners

    “A terrific romp,” – Kate Fforde
    “There is only one way to have more fun in the sun.” – Kathy Lette


The Taming of Eagles

    “She not only records the adventure of reaching distant and extraordinary places, but relates to her hosts with sensitivity and humorous intelligence….Imogen Edwards-Jones provides a fascinating glimpse into other people’s lives.” – The Times Literary Supplement

The Stork Club

    “There is remarkable courage in the candour that permeates these pages, as well as a sparkling wit which, despite the poignancy of the story made me laugh out loud.” – Mail on Sunday
    “Brutally honest yet often hilarious.” – OK
    “Compelling…it made me laugh out loud and cry.” – Woman’s Own



    “Self-depreciating, honest and likeable.” – Scarlet
    “The comedy of this sprightly, pacey memoir is not so much in the sexual frankness….but the Ed Wood-like innocence of the author.” – Arena