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How do you make it as a pop star? Why does one boy band make it big and another disappear off the pages of the magazines altogether? Why do girls cost more than boys? How do you write, spin and hype a record? What makes a hit? Or a miss? Who wins? Who loses? Who should you buy? Who should you be seen with? And who should you sleep with to get to number one?

Packed with scandal and intrigue, Pop Babylon takes you to the dark heart of one of the world’s most wicked and secretive industries. It’s a world where money talks, bullshit walks and drugs are a way of life. And where talent isn’t always at the top of the list of priorities…

Tracking a year in the making of a brand-new boy band, Pop Babylon is pure, unadulterated reading pleasure – stuffed with stories about pop’s most demanding divas, which jocks do shock and just how long you can chop a line of cocaine. Disgraceful, revelatory and great down-and-dirty fun, it’s essential reading for anyone who wants to know what it really takes nowadays to be top of the pops.

    “A true guilty pleasure, leaving readers both appalled and longing for more,” – City AM
    “Should be required reading for all X-Factor wannabes,” – Evening Standard
    “Edwards-Jones is a good writer with a particular flair for pace.”- Observer
    “A brilliant read from start to finish.” – News of The World

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