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I am excited and thrilled to have a new book out, Hospital Babylon. For the past two years I have been interviewing and hanging out with doctors, midwives, nurses, surgeons and shrinks. All the stories and anecdotes have been turned into 24 hours in A&E. I hope that you find it entertaining, interesting, informative, moving and riveting. In short I hope it is the best Babylon yet!

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  • Hala

    I’m a big fan from Saudi Arabia I read all of them yet I can’t get my hands on hospital babylon please do an ebook soon !

  • imogen edwards-jones

    Hi there – is it not an ebook! I shall have a word with someone right now! I hope you enjoy Restaurant Babylon which is out in a few weeks xxxx

  • teacha

    I think there’s a wealth of hilarious stories to do with teaching. Maybe a Babylon High would be a good idea… The stories we teachers could tell would probably result in a huge increase in home-schooling.

  • imogen edwards-jones

    Brilliant idea – I have meeting next week I will suggest it – thank you

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