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Hello and welcome to my website! It has been along time coming, I know, but it feels good finally to join the Twentieth Century, let alone the Twenty First! I hope you enjoy looking around it. There are lots of different sections, as well as books and scripts, there are some articles, Twitter, and I shall be updating the blog on a regular basis. There is also a place for you to leave your own Babylon stories – anything terrible/amusing/or down right awful, that has happen to you in your line of work. The best ones will get a signed copy of which ever book they would like. In the meantime, thank you for your company!

Imogen Edwards-Jones.

  • http://reciperifle.blogspot.com/ Esther Walker

    Let me be the first to say: AWESOME WEBSITE xxx

  • Kenton Allen

    Well done wife. You have clearly been VERY busy…

  • dolly1972

    when is the next instalment of a babylon book due? are you working on one at the moment? please do one based around the life of a PA

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    Hi Dolly, I am currently researching Doctor Babylon.. watch this space! Thank you for posting!

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    love you too xxxx

  • Donnahannan72

    doctor babylon – oooooo sounds wonderful. If you ever do one based on an office give me a call lol – I've spent 20 years working as a PA to entrepreneurs and very well known high net worth individuals – I could almost write a book myself on some of the stuff that goes on behind closed doors. Cant wait for the next installment!

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    Hi Donna – So sorry for my late reply – I am up to my neck in doctors but love the sound of PA Babylon! I am seeing my publisher this week so might well bend his ear as it were! hope you are well –
    love xxx

  • Madamgleroux

    What about Designer Babylon…specifically Interior Design?

  • Donnahannan72

    yes very well thank you – have just finished another contract working for a high net worth – i could give you a book about him alone and how he has his house keepers rotating his pants! (I kid you not!!!!!!) keep us up to date with developments – think it would be a brilliant book x

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    sounds good – do they spend lots of money???

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    sounds hilarious! Does he have best pants as well?? xx

  • Donnahannan72

    yes, he flies his helicopter like you and i drive a car, he is seeing a very famous model (not sure her husband knows 😉 ) and he has serious OCD – trust me, I could write the book if you dont – yours would be better tho x Merry Christmas and look forward to a book next year – its been toooooooo long x

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    sounds brilliant – I have a meeting on tuesday – I shall ask and see what my editor says! Hope you had a great xmas – love x

  • NW mother

    I was never an avid reader but while I was in the South of France a Buyer from Macy’s in New York gave me ‘Fashion Babylon’.  I was hooked. Have read all the others now so look forward to Hospital B.  As I have so much free time on my hands I have often thought I will put pen to paper and write a book, and I will tell you why.  I live in North West London or should I say LA as it is seems like that most of the time.  By book would be about the mummy’s at the school gates etc etc, the cars, homes, social climbing etc etc and being married into the worst family in NWL.  Sounds good doesn’t it.  Well I will let you know how I get on when I have it published.  Just wanted to say on my last note is I love your writing and books look forward to reading it.

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    Thank NW Mother! Your books sounds great! Good luck with it and do let me know how you get on. love imogen x

  • Marybakes

    Just starting your latest book. Hope I enjoy it as much as your last!!
    Did you live in Wolverhampton as a small child? Strange question I know.

  • Joerivers

    Reading Pop babylon as we speak! A fun read! pls tell me there WAS a boy band this is based on!
    Also,have you done TV Babylon yet? I’d love to know a bit about how the tv industry works!

  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    hi there!
    no I didn’t live in Wolverhampton – but I was born in birmingham and grew up around henley in arden – I went to Ardenhurst School?! Is that helps?? Glad you are enjoy the new book – I am writing a novel at the moment, a very different experience!


  • Imogen Edwardsjones

    Dear Joe 

    it was based on a few bands but I did have one VERY BRILLIANT IMPECCABLE source for the boy band bits who is still v much working today! I have also tried to do TV babylon but my published said: no. I had someone fabulous lined up who had done I’m A Celeb and Big Brother but they said no one would be interested in it! shame, I think – glad you are enjoying Pop – love x

  • Athena

    I love your books, but only just gotten round to writing a short review on my blog http://whiskersandlions.blogspot.be/2013/05/favorite-read-babylon.html . I truly can’t wait to read more of the Babylon books, they’re my favourite treat. Keep ’em coming!

  • Gwendal Idot

    Hi, looking for the address of a family of London where I was correspondent Damian Jones. I think you are the sister of Damian Jones, and you write books and you married. There was Damian, Sam, and Imogen. And I started to read books in English during my ségours in London during the holidays. Awesome! Is that the truth? What happened then Damian? Gwendal Idot

  • Wolfi Saiko

    Hello Imogene,
    It was great meeting you last night in Vienna. I would like to stay in touch.
    The story of RF’s B was the highlight of the evening.
    Have a save trip home

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